Amaro Santa Croce is an Old World Liqueur for Modern Cocktails. Based on a traditional formula, this recipe has been handed down for generations over the past century. Known for its digestive properties and unmistakable taste and aroma, Amaro Santa Croce is made in central Italy from quality locally grown citrus, roots, and herbs. The union of these natural ingredients through cold maceration, hot infusion, and the steeping of alcohol is an art married with science in a way that ensures the full respect of TRADITION and produces a high QUALITY product. Amaro Santa Croce has broad versatility, since it is excellent served neat, over ice, warmed, and especially as an attention-grabbing ingredient in craft cocktails.


Amaro Santa Croce is a rich, dark liqueur prepared through the careful infusion of aromatic herbs, roots and citrus, blended for an unmistakable taste and aroma. The complex flavor is initially a richly smooth blend of citrus, licorice and sweet caramel that plateaus in mild herbal bitters.


Amaro Santa Croce means love, history and Italian passion. The story began at the end of WWI in Santa Croce del Sannio, a small historic village full of charm and kindness and friendly traditions, in the Sannio hills of southern Italy.

Amaro Santa Croce was originally created to be given as a festive and heart warming gift for the heroic soldiers to celebrate their return from battle. When WWI ended, this unique recipe was forgotten for nearly six decades. In 1975, the historic recipe was found in a rustic diary of a returning soldier’s girlfriend. The diary contained a black and white photograph and a yellowed note which read, "I will drink your liqueur as if it's an elixir of love."  

The re-discovery of this loving and unique recipe reignited the true passion that is Amaro Santa Croce. Since 1976, this ancient recipe has been jealously guarded.  But today, the Del Sannio company returns Amaro Santa Croce to our tables to warm the hearts and souls of family and friends alike. 

This unique Amaro is made with Italian pride by local artisans using only the finest regional ingredients including citrus fruits, roots and therapeutic Sannio herbs for their digestive benefits. These natural flavors create the unmistakable and nostalgic taste and aroma of the Sannio territory, overflowing with love for their land, their village, their history and their local Italian tradition. 

Amaro Santa Croce can be served straight, with ice, or in cocktails both warmed and chilled.

Available through select liquor stores in Idaho

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